JangaFX Releases LiquiGen: Revolutionizing Real-Time Fluid Simulation Software

JangaFX, the renowned developer of EmberGen, has recently launched LiquiGen, an innovative node-based software designed to revolutionize real-time fluid simulation. This long-awaited release brings forth a wave of excitement among developers and creators alike.

LiquiGen, announced as a companion app to EmberGen in 2020, aims to empower users with the ability to simulate and render lifelike liquids in real-time. With its closed alpha version now available, JangaFX CEO Nicholas Seavert assures users that the software already offers essential core functionalities.

However, this alpha release may not yet include some highly anticipated features such as surface tension, viscosity, and foam. Seavert assures users that these enhancements are on the roadmap for future updates, promising even more realistic and immersive fluid simulations.

The impact of LiquiGen on various industries is expected to be significant. Game developers can now create stunning water effects that respond dynamically to in-game actions, further enhancing the player experience. Similarly, movie makers can exploit the power of real-time fluid simulation to bring visually captivating scenes to life, saving valuable time in the production process.

Beyond gaming and animation, LiquiGen also holds immense potential in scientific and engineering simulations. Industries such as automotive, aerospace, and architecture can utilize the software to simulate fluid behavior in various scenarios, facilitating more accurate designs and optimizations.

JangaFX’s commitment to pushing boundaries in the field of real-time fluid simulation is evident with the release of LiquiGen. While the current version may lack certain features, the software’s potential is undeniable. As developers eagerly dive into the closed alpha and provide feedback, we can anticipate a future where real-time fluid simulations reach new heights of realism and creativity.


1. What is LiquiGen?
LiquiGen is an innovative node-based software developed by JangaFX that aims to revolutionize real-time fluid simulation.

2. How does LiquiGen empower users?
LiquiGen empowers users by providing them with the ability to simulate and render lifelike liquids in real-time.

3. What is the current status of LiquiGen?
LiquiGen is currently in its closed alpha version, with essential core functionalities already available.

4. What are some anticipated features for LiquiGen?
Some anticipated features for future updates of LiquiGen include surface tension, viscosity, and foam to further enhance the realism and immersion of its fluid simulations.

5. How can LiquiGen impact game developers?
LiquiGen allows game developers to create stunning water effects that dynamically respond to in-game actions, enhancing the player experience.

6. What industries can benefit from LiquiGen?
LiquiGen holds immense potential in various industries, including gaming, animation, automotive, aerospace, architecture, and scientific and engineering simulations.


– Node-based software: Software that allows users to create applications or processes by connecting different modules or nodes.
– Real-time fluid simulation: The process of simulating the behavior and movement of fluids, such as water or liquid, in real-time, meaning it happens instantly without any delay.

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