Banyan Software Announces Merger with PromoSuite, Creating a Powerhouse in Broadcast Innovation

Banyan Software, a leading enterprise software company, has recently completed the acquisition of PromoSuite, a trailblazer in the radio industry. This strategic move will see PromoSuite merged with vCreative, another successful software business owned by Banyan Software.

Founded in 1992 by Rocco Macri and Chris Bungo, PromoSuite quickly established itself as the radio industry’s first paperless efficiency tool. Designed to manage on-air contests, sales promotions, and events, PromoSuite revolutionized workflow management for radio stations.

The merger between vCreative and PromoSuite solidifies their position as a unified entity poised to reach new heights in broadcast and media industry innovation. By combining their unique strengths, they offer a collaborative solution that empowers clients to save time and optimize efficiency in the ever-changing multimedia world.

Mary DelGrande, CEO of vCreative, expressed her excitement about the acquisition, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome PromoSuite to the Banyan family! The collective expertise, talent, and resources will empower vCreative to push boundaries and set new standards. Our focus remains on enhancing the customer experience, driving operational excellence, and fostering a culture of collaboration and ingenuity.”

Rocco Macri, CEO of PromoSuite, emphasized their commitment to their clients, partners, and employees. He stated, “To us, this is not just a transaction, as we are handing over a legacy, a culmination of 30 years of hard work and dedication from our team. That’s why we were so excited once we got to know the folks at Banyan Software and realized that they are the perfect fit to usher PromoSuite into its next phase of growth and innovation.”

PromoSuite, supporting over 2,500 North American radio stations, offers a comprehensive platform that improves collaboration and efficiency for promotions, programming, sales, and creative teams. With advanced features such as workflow automation, content-rich email delivery, and digital asset management, PromoSuite elevates radio team productivity.

VCreative, founded in 2003, provides workflow management software solutions to radio, TV, network, and digital media companies. Their cloud-based technologies streamline collaboration across all departments, eliminating errors and standardizing complex processes.

Banyan Software, known for its buy and hold for life strategy, provides a permanent home for successful enterprise software companies. With a focus on preserving the legacy of founders, Banyan supports long-term growth and innovation.

The merger between vCreative and PromoSuite sets the stage for an exciting future in broadcast innovation. Together, they are poised to lead the industry and continue delivering exceptional solutions to their clients.

FAQ Section:

Q: What is PromoSuite?
A: PromoSuite is a software tool for the radio industry that manages on-air contests, sales promotions, and events. It was the first paperless efficiency tool in the radio industry.

Q: When was PromoSuite founded?
A: PromoSuite was founded in 1992.

Q: What does the merger between vCreative and PromoSuite mean?
A: The merger between vCreative and PromoSuite means that these two software companies owned by Banyan Software will become a unified entity. They will combine their strengths to offer collaborative solutions in the broadcast and media industry.

Q: What are the benefits of the merger between vCreative and PromoSuite?
A: The merger allows for the optimization of efficiency and time-saving in the multimedia world. It also positions the merged entity as an innovative industry leader.

Q: Who is the CEO of vCreative?
A: Mary DelGrande is the CEO of vCreative.

Q: Who is the CEO of PromoSuite?
A: Rocco Macri is the CEO of PromoSuite.

Q: How many North American radio stations does PromoSuite support?
A: PromoSuite supports over 2,500 North American radio stations.

Key Terms and Jargon:

– Merger: The combining of two or more companies to form a new entity.
– Workflow management: The coordination and organization of tasks and processes within a business.
– Cloud-based: Refers to software or services that are hosted remotely and accessed via the internet.
– Enterprise software: Software designed for use by large organizations or businesses.
– Legacy: Refers to something handed down from the past, often with historical or sentimental value.
– Buy and hold for life strategy: An investment strategy where a company acquires successful businesses and retains them for the long term.
– Permanent home: Refers to Banyan Software providing a stable and lasting environment for acquired software companies.

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